About Anne Jeffery

Anne Jeffery has been working with expectant parents, families and babies for over 15 years within the NHS and also the independent sector.

Anne is a registered nurse and health visitor with an honours degree in public Health and currently works part time within the NHS community setting.

She has many years experience of teaching HypnoBirthing  and NHS Preparation for Childbirth and Beyond classes.

Anne is:-

  • A certified HypnoBirthing practitioner with The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme
  • An NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor
  • An Active Birth teacher, teaching pregnancy and postnatal yoga. Taught by Janet Balaskas of the Active Birth Centre and is an Associate of the Active Birth Centre
  • A birth Doula/birth companion, trained by Dr Michel Odent and Lillianna Lammers Doula, and a member of Doula UK
  • Prior to her work with families, Anne was the senior nurse managing a busy accident and emergency facility for many years

Read about Anne’s personal experience of birth

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